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What stands out about working with Fleet is his knowledge and insights. He has a keen eye for identifying areas that can be improved and suggests ideas to enhance the server, which has been fantastic. With Fleet by our side from the very beginning, we have now scaled to over 24,000 server members.

Mark Tilbury


Fleet's expertise in Discord is exceptional, and he has a talent for delivering great results. If you need help creating a new Discord server or refreshing an existing one, I highly recommend getting in touch with Fleet. He is reliable, easy to work with, and always delivers on his promises.

Simon Squibb


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Fleet was easy to talk to and communicated quickly throughout the process. he also ensured to do his due diligence by quickly understanding what was important for me as a streamer and for my community, as every streamer is unique. He took the time to get to know me and my community, and applied that personal touch to the Discord server.


Live Streamer

With lightning-fast setup times and an uncanny ability to seem to know just where everything needs to go, he's been integral in building a bustling and vibrant space where people feel welcome and creative. For his work, both on the setup and ongoing, has been a godsend for us.

Jackson Fall

Social Media Influencer

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